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wheew.. i am a hot one. It has been so beautiful outside the last two days and HOT too! I am sweating right now.. although i just got done cleaning for the last two hours. I walked in here from school this afternoon and it smelled so bad.. like rotting sour cream or something nasty like that. Anyway, i COMETed everything and 409ed everything too! I even wore my little yellow gloves. :)
I cleaned out the fridge and cupboard. I NEED MONEY SO BAD! thank god I get paid tomorrow. Still I live paycheck to paycheck and with gas going up its crazy i have put gas in the last two days in a row. only like 5 today and like 10 yesterday , but still...!

I found a gingerbread cookie mix. I think im gonna make it today and then im also makin rice crispy chicken because last night James said that was his favorite thing Ive made. Its easy! But anyway im gonna make it

Tammy comes on June 11th. I've only got like 15 actual days of school left. I have no class on finals week.. so thats out, then I go camping on Thursday(27)-through Monday(30). So thats gonna be nice. I am going by myself. James CANT go, and danielle and jake just refuse. Babies...

Anyway, I really want to start tanning again. I miss it so. :( It feels so good. Seriously. I need to buy some shorts. Cause its so hot out and all I have are like sweat pant things or pants. I have no capris that fit :( Even though i just bought a pair last year. again :(

Ahh.. im getting muscles now. I play tennis almost everyday and swim mondays and wednesdays. I really like my tennis class even though my teacher PURPOSELY teams me with the best player there, who is actually on the EWU tennis team. His name is Yoshi.. I like saying it to him. Its neat. ANyway, he is the best. he hits like 90 MPH balls at me
I never return them I just run away like a girl. haha

I am a girl
Anyway.. I am drinking Diet Pepsi Lime right now because no one in America has Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry, so less then 5 bucks.. bastards. I only had 3 dollars and thats normally how much it is when its on sale, but Albertsons didnt even have it!

Ight.. peace
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