Hello*Muffin* (monique4229) wrote,

James went to work last night to do three movies, and preview one, and assuming that he would be home around 2 or 3 ish.. i woke up to DAYLIGHT to find him sneaking in the door at good ol 7:30AM. Now yesterday was his day off.. and he proceeded to work a ten hour day on his day off. dedication i tell you

Im eating beef jerky. ive wanted some for like a week.
I reading a new book called Brown-eyed girl, and yes i AM the reading type.. ive always been, just not as much in the last few years, but have re-started.

I got a killer deal at walgreens last night on something. it was great because it normally is really expensive.. but i got it cheap, and no i cant say what it is, its PRIVATE.
and besides, YOU dont want to know.. (you know who u are)

i have to work at 3, that sucks *ss... :)

But i also have friday and saturday off... then the 4th off.
I wish it were a bit hotter out.. im tired of NO sunshine.. i want to go swimming.. ive gone like the last week..like everyday and i miss it

this jerky is soft. and flavorful.. haha thats a big word

okay.. well i think im gonna have some milk duds..

Oh and it was funny being together last night with you, and the other crazy doll playerer.. some pretty hilarious stories floating around.. :)
peace 'O' town
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