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friday went to ML.. talked a bit, then snoozed, after reading to danielle.. hehehe then she read to me
sat slep until noon...
-sat outside for 3 hours
-read two People mags
-played Balonga ball (neat little game)
-ate din din
-sat around and talked
-rented the jacket
-got in the hot tub
-watched the movie
Sunday... also slept til noon ( dont mean to keep doing that)
-went home

yeah so it wasnt that exciting. But i made some fruit leather, and its made me realize that i want a food dehydrator for my birthday which is in 18 days by the way. :)
Alrighty i have to shower now.. i think James and I and Joe are going to dinner and a movie
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hey mofo.
call me tomorrow and tell me more of this boating biz.
anthony is going to canada next weekend and chris asked if it he could stay and spend the weekend with me, so when are you going?
ight.. i am also going to ask if Chris can come.. although i dont know if either of you can. You know how they are sometimes. But I am going to call and ask anyway.. ill let you know when i find out
and the fact that you want a food dehydrator for your birthday cracked me up.