Hello*Muffin* (monique4229) wrote,


friday went to ML.. talked a bit, then snoozed, after reading to danielle.. hehehe then she read to me
sat slep until noon...
-sat outside for 3 hours
-read two People mags
-played Balonga ball (neat little game)
-ate din din
-sat around and talked
-rented the jacket
-got in the hot tub
-watched the movie
Sunday... also slept til noon ( dont mean to keep doing that)
-went home

yeah so it wasnt that exciting. But i made some fruit leather, and its made me realize that i want a food dehydrator for my birthday which is in 18 days by the way. :)
Alrighty i have to shower now.. i think James and I and Joe are going to dinner and a movie
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