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long time

well I havent updated in awhile. I have been so sleepy lately. Its school for sure. I am so tired right now, and am having a hard time keeping my eyes open. BUT I must do this. haha
So i think I have gotten all of my decorations up for halloween. Its cool. I bought a giant Frankinstein head and some yellow crime scene tape. HAHA.

Although i got the best deal on my pumpkin candy dish. It was only 4.99 YES
i thought it was going to be more. YEY

Lets see. Nothing much.. Started school. Tomorrow i plan to spread all of my spanish and such on the floor and just do it all..
I need to learn it. Its something I totally want to do.

Ive been working alot lately.
Gosh nothing new has happened really.

I guess i'll write when something crazy does happen.

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