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you know I really shouldnt be doing this.. i should be writing my bibliography.. but i dont wanna. my head just itched.. i itched it.
im sleepy
my feet smell bad. haha

so, i cant wait for christmas..
So i got james a mighty kids meal at mc-ds on my way home.. thats what he wanted.. and he got this skeleton/frankenstein/zombie statue in it.. at first he was like "what is this...?? what is this..??" so im sitting here typing and im hearing this click click... (apparently it winds up).. so hes winding.. then cant get it to do what he wants.. I see something flying across the room.. like in the corner of my eye.. I glance over and he has this pouty face on , and i start busting up... it was so cute. haha

So taryn and joes wedding has been moved up to DEC 31st!.. and you wanna know why.. this is what she said.. i asked her.. THEY WANT TO DO IT.. no joke.. she said its been getting harder and harder.. haha this is sad.. but funny.. but sweet.. i think.. :)

anywho.. im gonna go do it. haha sleep
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